Logic Nation is a platform that can be used to organize, grow, or monetize “Nations” that share common interests and purpose.

Build your Nation

I love using my Nation and the new technology provided by this platform.

It allows me to interact with my fans and it enables them to see the real me.

-- David Toms, PGA Golfer

Let your Nation see the real you

Create a NationCast

  • Live stream from your phone to your Nation
  • Watch live or at your convenience
  • Available on iOS & Android

True Conversations. No interference

Focus on whats important and ignore everything else

  • Have ongoing conversations, even in the crowd
  • Distractions are eliminated
  • Easily view replies to any comment

Engage your audience in one place

Filter and aggregate everything to your Nation

  • Link your social networks
  • Add YouTube videos and news feeds
  • Everything is up for discussion!

Start cultivating your Nation today!

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  • Centralize your following
  • Interact with your community
  • Offer premium content
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